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  • Finalist & Awards - Walk With Path is a Finalist in the EDF Pulse Award  Walk With Path was selected as a Finalist in the EDF Pulse Awards. This gives us the opportunity to take part in Viva Technology in Paris in June, a major technology conference. There will further be on-going media posts about our work. We may […]
  • Path Finder: The Road to Manufacture - A lot has gone on at Walk With Path in the last few months, and we are delighted to now be at the other end of our manufacturing run, with 500 pairs of our device arriving in the UK in Mid-May. I took the lead as Project Manager for production, and had the chance to […]
  • Path Finder Study by Prof Bastiaan Bloem proves that visual cues from a laser shoe are effective - Path Finder is a shoe attachment that provides a laser light - think of it as a laser shoe that guides your walk. Study conducted by Professor Bas Bloem and Dr. Murielle Ferraye at Radboud University in The Netherlands provides evidence that visual cueing works well in alleviating freezing of gait. Path Finder is a […]