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Path Finder LaserShoes help people with Parkinson's walk

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What are the Path Finder LaserShoes?

Path Finder is a laser shoe attachment that provides visual cues to  help people with unsteady and irregular gait.

Do you have Parkinson's? 
If you are a person with Parkinson's or know someone who is living with Parkinson's and want to help them, you have come to the right place.

...and do you experience shuffling? 
Most people associate Parkinson's with shaking hands. While a lot of people with Parkinson's experience this, just as many have shaking legs. This is called shuffling.

...or do you experience freezing of gait?
Freezing of Gait or Freezing can occur on a regular basis or occasionally. People who experience freezing often struggle most in cluttered areas or narrow pathways.

...then Path Finder LaserShoes are the solution for you!

Transform your walking in 3 steps

Path Finder Parkinson's laser shoe attachments illustration for use

1. Attach the strap

Attach the strap to your shoe. The strap wraps around your heel and forefoot, to ensure it stays in place. 

Path Finder Parkinson's laser shoe attachments illustration for use

2. Adjust the dial 

Turn the dial to place the laser in front of the opposite foot. Adjust the laser length to suit your stride.

Path Finder Parkinson's laser shoe attachments illustration for use

3. Start walking

Now you are ready to walk. When you stand still the units will automatically turn off to save battery.

of our users found that using Path Finder LaserShoes
helps them improve competency and productivity

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