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  In 2019 Walk With Path applied for the SME Instrument Horizon 2020 funding, which is the biggest research and innovation programme in the EU. The SME instrument helps highly innovative SMEs who want to develop, grow and internationalise, but...
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Walk With Path is a Finalist in the EDF Pulse Award Walk With Path was selected as a Finalist in the EDF Pulse Awards. This gives us the opportunity to take part in Viva Technology in Paris in June, a...
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It’s been three weeks already since Lise and I were in Spain. It was a busy week full of meetings, which will help with the adoption of Path Finder in Spain.We began the trip in the Basque Country, in Zamudio...
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"Future Care Capital trustee Lise Pape founded her own company Walk With Path which manufactures assistive technology for people with mobility problems."

"Lise is being backed to develop a first-of-its-kind medical device – Path Feel – a smart insole which aims to improve mobility for older people suffering from chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s."

"We're pleased to present Innovate UK's Women in Innovation Awards 2020/21 winners, 40 female entrepreneurs making the world of 2021 a better place."

"Meet Walk With Path, the mobility-focused startup and healthtech award winner. The HealthTech Networking Club connects key players in the Healthtech industry."