Path Finder.

What are the LaserShoes?

What are
the LaserShoes

A Class 1 medical device proven to alleviate freezing.

 50% reduction in freezing
 35% reduction in falls
 93% increase in confidence

The lasers that help with walking.

Many people who live with Parkinson's disease experience difficulties walking. This experience is called freezing of gait (FOG) or freezing.  Path Finder is a medical device that alleviates freezing.

Path Finder works because the green laser lines help activate the motor cortex in the brain. The motor cortex is the pathway that has been affected by Parkinson's disease. This means that while you might freeze or feel stuck sometimes, you have not lost the ability to move. Instead it is simply difficult to start walking. The cue helps the brain initiate your movement and so the green laser line can help you to start to walk again.

Path Finder is designed as a safety net, to give you the confidence to move on your own.

I like that I can use Path Finder LaserShoes with both my walker and my cane

Andrew, person with Parkinson's, UK

Will Path Finder work for me?

Path Finder works because it is based on visual cueing. If visual cueing helps you, then Path Finder will work for you. Below are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if Path Finder will help you:

Do you experience shuffling, freezing or movement blockages?

Do you experience Parkinson's related walking problems?

Do you struggle to start walking?

Is walking up the stairs easier than across a blank floor?

If someone places their foot in front of you, does it help you overcome freezing?

If you can say yes to any of the above, that's an indication that Path Finder's visual cues will help you. Still not sure? Request a call with our clinical lead Nuala Burke to discuss your situation. 

Why visual cues help people with Parkinson's.

Visual cues help people with Parkinson's who struggle walking. Do you want to know why and how it works? Download our free information sheet on visual cueing.

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