Do you have Parkinson's walking problems?

Path Finder LaserShoes

Lasers that prevents Parkinson's walking problems

Path Finder is a laser shoe attachment that helps with Parkinson's walking problems. The laser attached provides visual cues to help taking the next step.

The LaserShoes are a medical device proven and tested to help Freezing of Gait (FoG), a symptom causing an individual to feel as if frozen to the ground. Path Finder LaserShoes can also be used to help alleviate shuffling.

Path Finder Parkinson's laser shoes
Path Finder Parkinson's laser shoe attachments in packaging
Path Finder Parkinson's laser shoes

Are Path Finder LaserShoes right for me?

Do you suffer from shuffling, freezing of gait or blockages?  Do you have Parkinson's walking problems? Are you struggling to initiate walking?

- If yes, then Path Finder is for you.

My dad is 82 and experiences Parkinson's walking problems. Path Finder LaserShoes help him walk safely. In his age, that is worth a lot!

Marianne, daughter of person with Parkinson’s, Denmark

Will Path Finder work for me?

Path Finder works because it is based on visual cueing. If visual cueing helps you, then Path Finder will work for you. Below are two questions you can ask yourself to find out if Path Finder will help you:

• Taking the stairs seems easier than 
  walking on the floor

• If someone places their foot in front of mine,
  it helps overcome my freezing

If you can say yes to any of the above, that's an indication that Path Finder's visual cues will help you. Still not sure? Request a call with our Clinical Lead, Nuala Burke to discuss your situation.

Path Finder Parkinson's laser shoe attachments illustration for use

Why Visual Cues help Parkinson's walking problems

Visual cueing has been long proven to improve gait for people with Parkinson's. Do you want to know why and how it works?

Download our free information sheet on visual cueing.

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